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Why Is It Important?

At the Naperville Park District, sportsmanship is a key aspect of all of our athletic programs, whether youth or adult. Good sportsmanship sets a positive and encouraging tone, which is particularly important since most of the Park District’s programs are recreationally-focused. The District does not tolerate poor sportsmanship and behavior that is detrimental to our mission and hurtful to anyone who participates in our programs, whether it’s a player, coach or parent.

Our sportsmanship program is designed to remind everyone that Naperville Park District programs are meant to be positive experiences where players at any level and ability can have fun, learn and grow at their own pace. Demonstrating and encouraging good sportsmanship is vital to the continued success of our programs. It takes all of us working together to create positive and lasting change.


Learn More

The following links include resources that are essential to the Naperville Park District’s athletic programs. Each serves as a good reminder of the behavior that is expected of players, coaches, parents and referees in order to preserve the integrity of our programs and the Park District organization:

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