Naperville Park District is using clean, renewable energy through solar panels in parks

In 2014 the District installed two solar arrays: one at Nike Sports Complex and one at Knoch Knolls Nature Center. In 2016, a system with 117 solar panels was installed on the roof of the Fort Hill Activity Center. 

Energy from the sun is used to power the lights at our parks and any excess energy is fed back to the Naperville electric grid and credited to the Park District’s utility bill. 

Grants from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation and the City of Naperville’s Renewable Energy Program helped fund the Park District’s solar installations.

Solar panels at Nike Sports Complex

The solar panels at Nike Sports Complex that are mounted on the roof of the Book Family Pavilion are shown below, along with the educational sign that is installed near the pavilion.  The online monitoring system currently is not connected, however, park staff monitors the output monthly. Over the past 5 years, the system as produced an average of 16,000 kWh of electricity annually, offsetting 11 metric tons of carbon, an environmental benefit equivalent to adding 10 acres of forest.


Solar panels at Knoch Knolls Nature Center

The Knoch Knolls Nature Center was designed to meet the highest standards of environmental sustainability. Its green features include an 18-kilowatt array of solar panels which can supply approximately 15% of the energy requirements of the building. View the current output of the solar panels here.

Solar panels at Fort Hill Activity Center

Fort Hill Activity Center has 117 solar panels on the south-facing roof. This system can produce approximately 40,000 kWh of energy annually.  Learn more