Restoration Projects

Naperville Park District manages more than 2,400 acres of park land, which includes both natural areas and landscaped areas. As part of its commitment to caring for the environment, the Park District works to restore the health and diversity of natural areas, including woodlands, park meadows, shorelines, ponds and streams, and prairies. Landscaped areas in parks, such as perennial plantings at playgrounds and trees along fences, may need restoration as well. Restoration work involves removing invasive trees and plants to allow a variety of native trees and plants to grow and flourish. Restoration also may include planting native or desirable trees and plants, grading, and other work depending on the location.

Current or Upcoming Restoration Projects

Central Parks Division
Hobson West Ponds, 1047 S. West Street
May Watts, 804 S. Whispering Hills Drive
Old Farm Park, 195 Ring Road
Sportsman’s Park, 735 S. West Street

South Parks Division
DuPage River Park, 808 Royce Road
Knoch Knolls Park, 320 Knoch Knolls Road
Summerfield Lake Park, 2003 Skylane Drive

North Parks Division
(No North Parks projects this season; future projects to be listed at a later time.)