ParkTalk Podcast

S28 Episode 01: A New Life at 90

Fitness participant Louise shares her experience of moving to Naperville in 2020 in her late 80s and fitting in as a participant in the popular group exercise classes at Fort Hill Activity Center with others half her age.

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Quotes from the episode:

“It was tough to find a new life. I had said goodbye to my friends, and couldn't see them everyday as I had done. So, it was a new world. At first I was very busy. And then when the busy was gone, I was kind of bereft. I needed a lot. I had to make a new life. ... My daughter in law took me to the Park District, to Fort Hill. I could walk on the indoor track and that was a blessing....Then I realized that classes had begun. I was really ready to be getting outside my shell and needing to for all kinds of reasons, so I asked about classes.  Kim (a fitness instructor) sat down with me with the huge class schedule. I didn't have any idea what it meant, especially to me at my age and stage. She outlined the things I could probably do and try. So I began coming to classes with a little trepidation, with everyone being half my age at least. It was very hard but very much fun. Kim is adorable. I first went to her classes. She was so encouraging all the time. I love all the instructors. They are all wonderfull and so welcoming and so encouraging. And I love the participants. They are so kind and welcoming and helpful, and it's a lovely cameraraderie that the classes have. Of course I benefit physically, but I think the mental aspect is really important, especially during pandemic times. It's not easy to have relationships when you get older. You just don't have a community so you need to build one, and this is one good way.” - Louise

Louise at the podcast interview  

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