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  1. 95th Street Community Plaza
  2. A. George Pradel Park
  3. Apache Park
  4. Arbor Way
  5. Arrowhead Park
  6. Ashbury Greenway
  7. Ashbury Park
  8. Ashwood Park
  9. Atwater Park
  10. Bailey Hobson Woods
  11. Baileywood Park
  12. Bainbridge Greens
  13. Brighton Ridge Park
  14. Brook Crossings
  15. Brook Prairie
  16. Brush Hill Park
  17. Burlington Square
  18. Burr Oak
  19. Buttonwood Park
  20. Campus Greens
  21. Cantore Park
  22. Carol Acres
  23. Centennial Park
  24. Central Park
  25. Century Farms Park
  26. Clow Creek Greenway
  27. Colfax Way
  28. Columbia Commons
  29. Columbia Estates Park
  30. Commissioners Park
  31. Country Commons
  32. Country Lakes Park
  33. Creekside Park
  34. Cress Creek Park
  35. Crestview Knoll
  36. Dorothea Weigand Riverfront Park
  37. DuPage River Park
  38. DuPage River Sports Complex
  39. Eagle Park
  40. East Greens
  41. Fairway Commons Park
  42. Farmington Commons
  43. Farmington Park
  44. Firemen's Memorial Park
  45. Forest View Park
  46. Fox Hill Greens
  47. Frontier Sports Complex
  48. Gartner Park
  49. Harris Fawell Park
  50. Heatherstone Park
  51. Heritage Woods
  52. High Meadow
  53. Hobson Grove
  54. Hobson West Park
  55. Hobson West Ponds
  56. Hobson Woods
  57. Hunters Woods
  58. Huntington Commons
  59. Huntington Estates Park
  60. Huntington Estates Parkway
  61. Huntington Ridge Park
  62. Kendall Park
  63. Kings Park
  64. Kingshill Park
  65. Kingsley Prairie
  66. Knoch Knolls Commons
  67. Knoch Knolls Park
  68. Knoch Park
  69. Kroehler Park
  70. Lincoln Greenway
  71. Lincoln Woods
  72. May Watts Park
  73. Meadow Glens
  74. Miledje Square
  75. Mill Street Park
  76. Monarch Park
  77. Nike Greenway
  78. Nike Sports Complex
  79. Oakridge Parkway
  80. Old Farm Greenway
  81. Old Farm Park
  82. Old Sawmill Park
  83. Old Sawmill Parkway
  84. Olesen Estates
  85. Olesen Farm Park
  86. Pembroke Commons
  87. Pembroke Park
  88. Pioneer Greenway
  89. Pioneer Park
  90. Prairie Park
  91. Queensbury Greens
  92. Ranchview Park
  93. Redfield Commons
  94. River Run Park
  95. River Run Preserve North
  96. River Run Preserve South
  97. Rivercrest Estates Park
  98. Riverview Farmstead
  99. Riverwalk Park
  100. Riverwoods Park
  101. Rock Ridge Park
  102. Ron Ory Community Garden Plots/Bill Young Athletic Fields
  103. Rose Hill Farms Park
  104. Sally Benton Park
  105. Seager Park
  106. South Pointe Park
  107. Sportsman's Park
  108. Spring-Field Park
  109. Springbrook Crossings
  110. Springbrook Parkway
  111. Springhill Greenway
  112. Springhill Park
  113. Stanford Meadows
  114. Summerfield Lake
  115. Tall Grass Greenway
  116. Tall Grass Lakes
  117. Tall Grass Park
  118. Three Meadows
  119. Timber Creek Park
  120. University Heights Park
  121. Veterans Park
  122. Walnut Ridge Park
  123. Walnut Ridge Woods
  124. West Branch Parkway
  125. West Greens
  126. Westglen Commons
  127. Westglen Park
  128. White Eagle Park
  129. Wil-O-Way
  130. Wil-O-Way Commons
  131. Wildflower Park
  132. William Friederich Memorial Park
  133. Willow Bend West
  134. Willowgate Square
  135. Winding Creek Park
  136. Wolf's Crossing Community Park
  137. Yorkshire Manor

Map of Park District Parks and Facilities

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On Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2011 Naperville Park District officials heard the good news for which they have been waiting for many months: the District has achieved national accreditation through the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA).

The decision was announced at the NRPA national conference in Atlanta following a formal hearing before the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA).

Naperville is only the second park district in Illinois to earn this distinction and the 104th nationally accredited agency in the nation; there are more than 10,000 recreation agencies in the United States. The Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies accredits a handful of park agencies each year that have completed a multi-step process involving a self-review by the agency, a site visit, and an evaluation and formal report by the Commission.

“We are extremely proud to bring this honor to Naperville,” said Park District Executive Director Ray McGury. “It’s an affirmation of our high standards and also an encouragement to continue bringing high quality recreation and parks experiences to our community.”

The Park District’s accreditation process began approximately one year ago and included an extensive self-evaluation by staff and a 5-day visit from CAPRA reviewers this past July. Maintaining the accreditation requires annual reports and 5- and 10-year reviews.

Park District staff members noted that the CAPRA process has helped them see the big picture, focus on long term goals and plans, review plans more regularly, organize documents so that they are accessible and useable, and collaborate more effectively with other departments and outside organizations.

Our Mission
We provide recreation and park experiences that promote healthy lives, healthy minds and a healthy community.
Our Vision
To be a national leader in parks and recreation providing and promoting high quality experiences and facilities at a great value to our community.
Core Values
Health and Wellness, Environmental Education, Stewardship and Sustainability, Community Enrichment, Public Safety, Accessibility, Personal Growth and Enrichment.
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