Park Rentals

The Naperville Park District is home to 138 beautiful parks, many of which may be rented for your event. We also have indoor facilities that have rentable space. Visit for indoor facility rental information.

Online Rental Request Form

See rental request dates below for the schedule of registration

Online Park Rental Form

Rentable Pavilion/Picnic Areas

DuPage River Park Pavilion Information

Frontier Sports Complex East Pavilion Information

Knoch Knolls Picnic Grove Information

Riverwalk Grand Pavilion Information

Seager Park Pavilion Information

Wolf's Crossing Community Park Pavilion Information

Park rental requests can be easily submitted online by clicking here. All request forms will be processed in the order they were submitted. Customers will be contacted to confirm reservations within 3 business days from the time they submit their request. Online form may be submitted on or after the dates and times listed below on the grid for each rental season. Availability for Knoch Knolls Park is subject to programming and may be rented only 90 days before the event.

Rental Requests Dates

Resident Online Form
Submission begins at 8:30 am
Nonresident online form
submission begins at 8:30 am
Winter Rentals:
Jan 1-March 31
October 3 October 10
Summer Rentals:
Jun 1-Aug 31
In Progress In Progress
Autumn Rentals:
Sept 1-Dec 31
In Progress In Progress

Following first day reservations, park rental requests may be submitted online at any time. Park rental requests must be made a minimum of 21 days in advance and renters must be 21 years of age. The District shall have at least three business days after receiving a request for review. The District reserves the right to take additional time to review any application.


Park Type Capacity Fee
Dupage River Park Pavillon 150 $100
Frontier Sports Complex - East Pavilion 100 $100
Knoch Knolls Park Picnic Tables 100 $100
Riverwalk Grand Pavilion Pavilion 250 $100/$150*
Seager Park Pavilion 150 $100
Wolf's Crossing Community Park Pavilion 100 $100

*Riverwalk Grand Pavilion rental fee is $150 during June, July and August. All rentals also require a refundable deposit.


  1. If your group size is 25 or more
  2. If alcohol will be present
  3. If you are using District provided fire rings, fire pits or grills or bringing your own.

Renters are welcome to use their own caterers or any of the NPD Preferred Caterers.  Non preferred caterers/vendors cooking or serving food on site are required to submit a vendor permit and a current county health certificate

If you are having more than one 10' by 10' tent or having any tents larger than 10' by 10'  you are required to obtain a Tent Permit from the City of Naperville. The Event Organizer is responsible for contacting J.U.L.I.E. at 811 to locate any utility lines prior to staking any tents or posts. Events must also supply the Park District with a detailed site map for tents or any other item that will need to be staked.  All tent locations must be approved by the Park District prior to setup.  The Event Organizer is responsible for any repairs to parking lots or asphalt surfaces resulting from tent placement in those locations.

A  certificate of insurance naming the Park District as additionally insured must be supplied to the District for inflatables or any contracted equipment, vendor or apparatus.

  • Yes, when applying for your permit please notify the park district if you are bringing your own grill.  
  • Grills must be placed on a concrete area outside of the pavilion. Grills are not permitted under pavilions or within parking lots.  
  • The use of the grill cannot impede public access to paths or sidewalks.  
  • Use of grills may be restricted due to weather conditions  
  • You must notify the Park District if you intend to use District fire pits or bring your own and it is required that a Burn Permit be obtained from the City of Naperville fire department; copy to be provided to Park District.
  • Renter must bring their own fire wood.
  • Use of fire pits may be restricted due to weather conditions.

Deposits will be returned to applicants and credited to the original payment method the week following the event unless damages have been incurred during the rental time. Renters will be notified of the nature and amount of the damages.

Cancellations requested 21 days or more prior to the event will receive a refund of fees paid less a $25 cancellation fee. Cancellations requested less than 21 days prior to the event will receive a refund of fees paid less the deposit up to a maximum of $100. The Naperville Park District is not responsible for weather conditions and no refunds will be issued due to weather unless the Park District closes all facilities. If an event is rained out, the renter has 72 hours to reschedule if possible.  Fees for insurance policies are non refundable.