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The Naperville Park District is home to 136 beautiful parks, many of which may be rented for your event. We also have indoor facilities that have rentable space. Visit for indoor facility rental information.

Online Rental Request Form

Rental applications are now being taken for rentals now through December 31,2022. Winter (January 1 - March 1) Rentals open for Request 9:00 am Saturday, October 1st for residents and 8:30 am Thursday, October 11th for nonresidents.

Park rental requests can be easily submitted online using the form available at All request forms will be processed in the order they were submitted. Customers will be contacted to confirm reservations beginning the following Monday. Online form may be submitted on or after the dates and times listed below on the grid for each rental season. Availability for Knoch Knolls Park is subject to programming and may be rented only 90 days before the event.


When do I need a permit:

  • If your group size is 25 or more
  • If alcohol will be present
  • If you are using District provided fire rings, fire pits or grills or bringing your own.

Rental Procedure:

  • Rental permit must be completed and signed by applicant.
  • Deposit and full rental fees are due at time of application.
  • Permit will be issued to applicant; permit approval is contingent upon receipt of all necessary insurance/additional permits. Additional insurance may be required; Event Helper Event Coverage is available to renters through

Can alcohol be served/consumed:          

  • Renter must complete Alcohol Use Permit Application in addition to Rental Permit Application.
  • Deposit will be increased to $300.
  • Renter must have host liquor liability insurance, either provided by renter or obtained through PDRMA.
  • If an NPD Preferred Caterer is being used (link to preferred caterer page) the renter will not be required to obtain insurance.
  • Approved security must be present when alcohol is being served; use of Preferred Caterer will require the same security. One officer is required for every 70 people; Park Police fees are $45/hr/officer.  If renter is providing own security, name(s) and contact information must be provided for approval.
  • It is the renter’s responsibility to contact the Park District at least 21 days prior to their event if alcohol is added. Permission to add alcohol at a later date is not guaranteed and is dependent on availability of security.
  • Serving of alcohol must stop one hour prior to end of rental time.
  • Alcohol may only be served under a shelter.

Can I have a caterer of my choosing onsite:

  • Renters are welcome to use their own caterers or any of the NPD Preferred Caterers.  Non preferred caterers/vendors cooking or serving food on site are required to submit a vendor permit and a current county health certificate.

Can I have a tent at the park:

  • Any tents larger than 10’ X 10’ require a Tent Permit from the City of Naperville; copy to Naperville Park District. ( Building/Development). Placement of tent is subject to JULIE.

Can I have inflatable, other apparatus or entertainment:

  • A certificate of insurance naming the Park District as additionally insured must be supplied to the District for inflatables or any contracted equipment, vendor or apparatus.

If the park I am renting does not have a grill can I bring my own:

  • You must notify the park district if you are bringing your own grill and it is required that a Burn Permit be obtained from the City of Naperville fire department; copy to be provided to Park District.
  • Use of grills may be restricted due to weather conditions.

What is needed to use the fire pits onsite at Seager and Knoch Knolls parks or if I bring my own:

  • You must notify the Park District if you intend to use District fire pits or bring your own and it is required that a Burn Permit be obtained from the City of Naperville fire department; copy to be provided to Park District.
  • Renter must bring their own fire wood.
  • Use of fire pits may be restricted due to weather conditions.

When will I get my deposit returned:

  • Deposits will be returned to applicants and credited to the original payment method the week following the event unless damages have been incurred during the rental time. Renters will be notified of the nature and amount of the damages.

What is the cancellations policy:

  • Cancellations requested 21 days or more prior to the event will receive a refund of fees paid less a $25 cancellation fee. Cancellations requested less than 21 days prior to the event will receive a refund of fees paid less the deposit up to a maximum of $100. The Naperville Park District is not responsible for weather conditions and no refunds will be issued due to weather unless the Park District closes all facilities. If an event is rained out, the renter has 72 hours to reschedule if possible.  Fees for insurance policies are non refundable.
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