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Wolf's Crossing Community Park - Site Master Plan

Q: Where is Wolf’s Crossing Community Park located and what is its size?
A: The park is 33 acres in size and is located at 3252 Wolf’s Crossing Road in southwest Naperville.

Q: When is the Park District planning to develop the park?
A: At their July 26th meeting, the Park Board of Commissioners voted to move forward on a bond proposal for the Phase I site development of Wolf’s Crossing Community Park .  Construction could begin as soon as summer 2019, with anticipated substantial completion in fall 2020.

Q: How did Naperville residents provide ideas and opinions about the development of Wolf’s Crossing Community Park throughout the site master planning process?
A: The Park District received public input on possible outdoor and indoor amenities for Wolf’s Crossing Community Park via public meetings, stakeholder workshops, online surveys, and email correspondence between March and June 2018.  

Q: What recreational amenities will be provided or can be suggested?
A: The Phase I development plan can be viewed here

Q: What is the project’s budget?
A: Phase I is estimated to cost approximately $11 million.  As such, the Park District is pursuing an $11 million bond issue to fund the project. 

Q. Why didn’t the Park District communicate a project budget earlier in the process?
A. Phase I of Wolf’s Crossing Community Park is based off of community input as presented to the Park Board with development cost estimates provided for review and approval on June 14, 2018. Per the direction received from the Park Board to proceed with Phase I planning and construction for the related amenities and associated costs that were not approved before that time, staff subsequently evaluated the options and presented funding scenarios to the Board for consideration at the workshop on July 26, 2018.

Q. How will residents’ tax bills be impacted through the construction planned for Wolf’s Crossing Community Park?
A. Considering a median value of $375,000 per single family home, the cost to develop Phase I of Wolf’s Crossing Community Park is estimated to increase resident tax bills by less than one dollar per year per resident household.

Q: What is the timeline for the Wolf’s Crossing Community Park Site Master Plan process?
A: The Wolf’s Crossing Community Park Site Master Plan was presented to the board of commissioners for discussion at a special meeting on Thursday, June 14.  The board of commissioners directed staff to move forward with the design and engineering for development of Phase I.

Q: How can I keep up with progress on the Wolf’s Crossing Community Park Site Master Plan process?
A: Updates will be posted on this page and on the Park District’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Additionally, subscribers to Naperville Park District’s email newsletter will receive updates on the progress of the Site Master Plan. 

Q: How and when did the Naperville Park District acquire the land at Wolf’s Crossing Community Park?
A: In 2005, the Naperville Park District acquired Wolf’s Crossing Community Park through a combination of land/cash dedication and property exchanges coordinated by the City of Naperville, consistent with the City’s Southwest Community Area Plan.

Q:  Is a 50-meter pool slated for this project?
A:  There are no plans to construct a 50-meter pool at Wolf’s Crossing Community Park because of numerous constraints including the extensive ongoing operations, maintenance, and related expenses associated with aquatic facilities.  However, the Park District is interested in exploring possible partnerships if a facility of this type is proposed in the Naperville area in the future. 

Q: Is an indoor recreation center with aquatics planned for Wolf’s Crossing Community Park in the future?
A: The Naperville Park District is not planning to build an indoor recreation center at Wolf’s Crossing Community Park due to the substantial cost associated with a facility of this type and the site’s location on the far edge of the city.  However, the Park District is open to having conversations with potential partners about how best to provide indoor aquatics for the community.

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