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Naperville Premier Soccer League FAQ's

Naperville Premier Soccer League (NPSL) is a competitive soccer league for youth in grades 2-8 offered through the Naperville Park District.
The NPSL league is open to all youth teams with players in grades 2-8 that wish to participate in the league, including both recreational teams and club teams.
NPSL is a competitive soccer league. Scores and standings are kept and awards are given to first and second place finishers.
NYS is a recreational soccer program. Equal playing time is given to participants and positions are rotated among all players. Individuals register by day and location of practices. Practice is one hour per week, led by volunteer coaches, and games are played on Saturdays. NPSL is a competitive league in which scores and standings are kept. The winner of each division will be determined and awards are given. Registration is taken by team. Location and number of practices, along with playing time and positions, are determined by the coach. Games are played on Saturdays although teams may have an occasional weekday game.
Registration is available online, via phone or in person. Individual players do not need to register when a team is registered; individual registration will take place later.
Can My Child Play in NYS and NPSL?
Yes, your child may play in both the NYS and NPSL programs. However, staff will not be able to accommodate any scheduling conflicts between the leagues. If you registered your child for NYS but elect to play on a team within NPSL instead, please remember to call the Park District’s Community Relations Department at 630-848-5000 to withdraw your child from NYS.
Yes, there is no restriction on club team players, or the number of club team players playing in the NPSL.
The cost to participate depends on the options that teams select when registering. It also depends on the grade level of the players. Cost is determined on a per team basis; the individual fee will be determined by the option selected and the number of players on a team.
Grades 2-4 will play 7v7 and can have a maximum of 14 on the roster.
Grades 5-6 will play 9v9 and can have a maximum of 16 on the roster.
Grades 7-8 will play 11v11 and can have a maximum of 18 on the roster.
There are five registration options for teams:
1. League play only
2. League play with certified trainer 1x per week with parent coach
3. League play with certified trainer 2x per week with parent coach
4. League play with certified trainer/coach 1x per week and game
5. League play with certified trainer/coach 2x per week and game
At the time of registration, it is necessary to provide only one name. Individual players will be added through waiver information provided to the coach from the NPSL coordinator.
If you are short players at the time of registration, you will still have time to recruit additional team members. Players can be added up until the Wednesday prior to the second game of the season. In addition, the NPSL coordinator may be able to provide coaches with contact information of players seeking teams.
Please contact the NPSL coordinator to see if there are any names on the interest list of individual players looking for teams.

Individuals that would like to play but do not have a team may sign up for individual registration. Please see program guide for further information.

NPSL has partnered with British Challenger Sports to provide the training. Challenger Sports was established in 1984 and has been involved in soccer in the US for over 25 years. Trainers are hired through a stringent recruitment process. All trainers hold UK coaching licenses and most hold honors degrees and teaching qualifications. All candidates are assessed on the field in a practical coaching setting and through a formal interview. They also undergo thorough background, reference and VISA checks as part of the selection process.
The NPSL coordinator assigns trainers to teams based on day, location and time that is chosen by the coach.
Priority is given to NPSL teams using trainers for training areas at Nike Sports Complex, Frontier Sports Complex, Meadow Glens Park and DuPage River Park. In the fall, only teams using NPSL trainers will be allowed to use the lighted areas of these parks. Teams that do not use a trainer through NPSL may rent lighted fields for an additional fee.
The number of team practices are determined by the coach. Most teams practice twice per week for one hour.
All games are played in Naperville. Specific field locations may change from season to season.
Training sessions start two weeks prior to the start of each season and games are played over eight weeks. Games are not played over the Memorial Day or Labor Day weekends.
Games are typically played on Saturdays. There is a possibility of an occasional weekday game, depending on the number of teams registered for a division.
We cannot accommodate any scheduling changes due to outside activities. Teams may switch times with another team in their group, but the coach must schedule these changes with prior approval from the coordinator.
Position rotation will be determined by the coach.
Playing time given to each player will be determined by the coach.
For spring, teams need to sign up by mid-February; registration begins during the winter season. For fall, teams need to be signed up by early July; registration begins during the summer season. After these times, it still may be possible to register a team. Please contact the NPSL coordinator for further information.
Players can be added to the roster up until the Wednesday prior to the second game of the season.
Player/Coach passes are similar to an ID. Passes are shown at the start of each game during the pre-game check in procedure.
Passes are valid for a period of two years, however, they must be updated EVERY season with a validation sticker provided by the Naperville Park District.
Passes are updated EVERY season through the waiver completion process. Waivers may be completed in person or online using the team-specific course code. NPSL coordinator will provide a course code to each coach for their team.
A waiver must be completed EVERY season.
DCFS and Code of Conduct forms are valid for one year (fall and spring). A Volunteer Agreement MUST be completed every season.
NPSL is open to all teams. Any non-resident player must pay an additional $20 fee. Please note that resident status is based on taxes that are paid to the Park District and not just if you have a Naperville address.
Choice of uniform and where to purchase them will be decided by the individual team. Teams may opt to wear reversible NYS jerseys, t-shirts from local hobby stores or full uniforms; all options are acceptable.

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On Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2011 Naperville Park District officials heard the good news for which they have been waiting for many months: the District has achieved national accreditation through the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA).

The decision was announced at the NRPA national conference in Atlanta following a formal hearing before the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA).

Naperville is only the second park district in Illinois to earn this distinction and the 104th nationally accredited agency in the nation; there are more than 10,000 recreation agencies in the United States. The Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies accredits a handful of park agencies each year that have completed a multi-step process involving a self-review by the agency, a site visit, and an evaluation and formal report by the Commission.

“We are extremely proud to bring this honor to Naperville,” said Park District Executive Director Ray McGury. “It’s an affirmation of our high standards and also an encouragement to continue bringing high quality recreation and parks experiences to our community.”

The Park District’s accreditation process began approximately one year ago and included an extensive self-evaluation by staff and a 5-day visit from CAPRA reviewers this past July. Maintaining the accreditation requires annual reports and 5- and 10-year reviews.

Park District staff members noted that the CAPRA process has helped them see the big picture, focus on long term goals and plans, review plans more regularly, organize documents so that they are accessible and useable, and collaborate more effectively with other departments and outside organizations.

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