ParkTalk Podcast S20 Episode 03: Virtual Fitness

Monday, January 25, 2021

Fitness instructors Karen Moranchek and Mary Sullivan and participant Kathy Leis discuss the challenges and benefits of group fitness classes on Zoom, and how virtual classes help keep us healthy during a pandemic and beyond.

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Quotes from the episode: "I was one of the first to start doing Zumba Gold virtually...and then I started feeling stronger ...and I started adding more's been so good for me to have a regular schedule." - Kathy

"The feedback I'm hearing is just tons of gratitude. We were one of the only local gyms being able to pivot almost immediately back in March. Members really appreciated that. And they have been willing to take new instructors and new formats. They also appreciate some much-needed alone time, and some have started training with their spouse. And some teenagers were up and out of bed in the summer to train with their mom. There are so many positive things that have come out of us having to adapt. Even connecting within the family." - Karen

"People are continuing to come back (virtually) - that means they're enjoying it. One of my participants said that her husband was very appreciative, because he could tell that his range of motion has increased just by taking my class. It's great to hear that kind of feedback; that people are continuing and getting stronger." - Mary

Karen's virtual fitness studio setup at home

Zoom screen during a Total Body Conditioning class. The instructor was able to teach this class from a Florida location; i.e., the background was real!

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