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Women Make a Splash at the 2016 Naperville Senior Games

The 2016 Naperville Senior Games which concluded on June 24, offered a variety of events for both men and women. In its second year, the Games are still new for Naperville, with plenty of room for growth both in participation and types of events. Ideas for new events are always welcome. Email your suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or add a comment to this post.

2016 Senior Games Swimmers

The women’s swimming competition was new this year, with 4 enthusiastic swimmers ready to swim the 100-yard freestyle event at Centennial Beach. Each of the 4 women swim regularly at the Naperville Waves program at Edward Fitness Center, logging 1,800-2,000 yards at each practice session, up to 3 days per week.

Vivianne Barone, who won first place in the Senior Games swimming event, commented that she hoped more people would learn about the Games for next year.

Although seasoned swimmers, the women were accustomed to swimming in a clear pool with lane lines easily visible on the bottom.  The lane lines at Centennial Beach are harder to see than those in a pool, which was challenging, requiring the swimmers to correct their course from time to time. They all made it to the finish line, cheered on by the lifeguards and timers.

 In the final event of the 2016 Games, two women joined 14 men in the trapshooting competition on Thursday evening at Sportsman’s Park.  Judy Novotny, who broke 42 of 50 targets in the event, has been shooting since her youth. Growing up on a farm in Minnesota, she learned to hunt with her father to provide food for the family.

 “I’ve always enjoyed shooting sports,” said Judy. “Trapshooting is fun because you see instant results when the target breaks.”

Judy has been trapshooting with her husband for years at Sportsman’s Park and was encouraged by a friend to compete in the Senior Games trapshooting event this year.  

Chris Gumm, the other female participant in the trapshooting event, has been shooting for just one year, and also was encouraged by a friend to enter the Senior Games event this year. 


Learn more about trapshooting

The Naperville Sportsman’s Club, which provides instructors and volunteers to run the trapshooting programs at Sportsman’s Park, encourages beginners to learn the sport. Beginners can register for Trapshooting Fundamentals  classes, scheduled for July 17 and August 21, through the Naperville Park District. The program includes instruction in range etiquette, how to handle a shotgun, and all of the equipment needed.

 Additional opportunities for swim instruction and training for adults at Centennial Beach


It’s not too late to learn to swim, no matter what your age!  Centennial Beach offers adult swim lessons for ages 15 and up and Triathlon Open Water Training for both beginners and advanced swimmers.  Also, adults can register for the Masters Swim/Triathlon Training available through the Park District at the Naperville North swimming pool.

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