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Visit our Newest Park: Wolf’s Crossing Community Park

Summer is the perfect time to visit our newest park, where kids can run through the splash pad and play on the playground, adults and kids can walk or bike around the trail, and everyone can explore and enjoy this beautiful space. 

Wolf’s Crossing Community Park is located on the far southwest side of Naperville at 3252 Wolf’s Crossing Road, south of Trumpet Avenue. The park is 33 acres in size, has plenty of parking, with restrooms, shade shelters and drinking fountains. You can easily plan a half-day outing here. Just bring a picnic lunch or snack and find a spot at the pavilion, at the shelter at the top of the hill, or spread out a blanket on the lawn. 

Splash Pad
The splash pad at Wolf’s Crossing Community Park is free and open to the public from 9:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. daily, on a first come, first served basis. Children will love the colorful features and fun effects, such as the tipping bucket that pours water from above. Shaded seating along the side allows parents to relax while they watch their children, and restrooms with showers are available nearby.

Please note that the splash pad is push-button operated and “zoned”; this means that certain features will run and rotate through a cycle, but not all elements will run at the same time. To check the current status of the Splash Pad, visit and view category "Splash Pads."

Fitness Area, Challenge Course and Hill
A multi-faceted fitness area includes outdoor fitness equipment, a challenge course (for ages 13+ only) and a fitness hill. The challenge course itself is a fun way to challenge your personal fitness level, compete with friends or plan a team-building activity with your coworkers. The Challenge Course is for ages 13 and older. IT IS NOT A PLAYGROUND. Additionally, if you are unsure if you have the skills and abilities to safely use the Challenge Course, we recommend that you not participate and instead contact your physician before beginning a new exercise routine. All intended users must read the posted rules sign in its entirety before using this course.
A special feature is the Pull-Up Bars for Patriots memorial, which honors Naperville military service members who gave their lives in service since 2001. Everyone is encouraged to do pull-ups as they are able in honor of the fallen.  

Another unique amenity is the hill, which has an accessible trail to the top and fitness stairs for runners. Designed for year-round use, the hill is made for sledding and also has a shade shelter at the top, where you can get an expansive view of the park and surrounding area.

The Wolf’s Crossing playground is large, with soft, colorful safety surfacing. Special attractions include a zip line, net climbers, slides, swings, musical instruments, and plenty of shaded seating.


Wolf’s Crossing Pavilion
A lovely gathering place with picnic tables under the roof and conveniently located close to the parking lot and between the playground and fitness area. The pavilion is available for drop-in use and may be rented for a special occasion. 

A Naperville resident, Ginny Wolf Chivas, a descendant of the Wolf family who settled this area in the mid-1800s, provided insights into the agricultural life of the early settlers. Some of this history is captured in an interpretive sign located along the trail, adjacent to the pavilion, overlooking the hill.

Athletic Fields and Courts
Sports enthusiasts can enjoy playing on the basketball, tennis, pickleball and sand volleyball courts, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis when the courts are not being programmed by the Park District. In winter, ice skating is available. The park also has large athletic fields for soccer, lacrosse, flag football and baseball. As of early summer 2021, the turf on these fields still needs time to become established, therefore, the Park District asks visitors to keep off the fields until the turf grows in.

Trail and Natural Areas
 A 1.4-mile asphalt trail for walking, running, bicycling or skating winds around the perimeter of the park, connecting the parking lot to the athletic fields and other amenities. The trail also connects to other regional trails outside the park, providing a safe, off-street route to forest preserves and other destinations. 

If you follow the trail to the far south side of the park, you will see a nature play area, with a small shelter and benches overlooking a pond and wetlands. At each park entrance and at every park boundary, residents will see native plantings including a large rain garden at the parking entry, a prairie on the backside of the sled hill, wetlands adjacent to the nature play area and native grasses adjacent to open water and trails. More than 230 trees were planted at the park, lining sections of the trail and providing shade throughout the park.


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