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Recreation Brings Smiles through the Fee Assistance Program

Years ago, Naperville Park District began a scholarship program, now known as the Fee Assistance Program, to assist residents in financial need. Each quarter, those who qualify can register for a program or membership to enjoy experiences like summer camp, Centennial Beach memberships, preschool programs or senior exercise classes. 
During the recession in 2008, participation in the Fee Assistance Program began to grow and that growth has continued through 2019, despite a sustained economic recovery.  This infographic, released in December 2018, gives a quick overview of the program, the growing need and the benefits.

How to Help Support the Program
The Naperville Parks Foundation, founded in 2011, supports the mission of making recreation of all kinds accessible to everyone across the community, regardless of socioeconomic circumstances. The Foundation encourages donations from individuals and organizations to support the Fee Assistance Program. Tax-deductible gifts to support the Fee Assistance Program may be made any time by clicking the “donate now” button at 

How to Apply for the Fee Assistance Program
You can access the application in both English and Spanish at
Instructions on the page include the eligibility requirements, due dates, and amount of financial assistance for memberships and programs.

Stories from Participants
In the fall of 2019 we asked those who had benefitted from the Fee Assistance Program whether they would be willing to share their experience as an encouragement to others, either to donate toward the program or to apply for assistance themselves.

Here are some of the responses we received:
Parent #1
I would like to share my experience with this program, as it was a real blessing to my kids.  We are so grateful for this opportunity!

My older daughter is currently enrolled in ice skating. She is taking a beginner class in ice skating. Ice skating is her favorite sport and we, as parents, wanted to take it to the next level for her. This program has opened the door for us to make our plans a reality.

My twin boys, who are four years old, are enrolled in an “art in action” class. October 3rd was their first class.  The very next day, when they woke up, they both asked me, “Are we going back to that class, where we built a guitar?  We want to go there TODAY!” They truly enjoy it and their teacher is so wonderful and so great with kids! 

As any parent out there, we too would want to be able to give our kiddos the opportunity to learn and express themselves in different aspects of arts and sports. Unfortunately, the other financial responsibilities do stop many parents to do just that. Fortunately, there are organizations and people, who acknowledge the fact and invest in the future of next generation. And we are so grateful for them. 

Parent #2
I believe in the fee assistance program because I have seen it in my family.   

We used to foster children who received this scholarship.  It was the first time that they had swimming lessons or basketball or whatever it was I signed them up for. 

After my husband had renal failure, he stopped working.  He finally had the time to take the day trips but not the money for them.  He signed us up for a play with a brunch.  He really enjoyed it. It had been a very physically trying time for him.  It still is a physically challenging time for him. The day trips are really enjoyable for the two of us.  Now that financially we are better situated, my husband has signed up for a play that he was more than willing to pay for.

Parent #3
I have kids with sensory issues and it is very challenging to make sure that my children are getting enough sensory stimulation throughout the day. Through the fee assistance program I was able to get them into a few different activities throughout the year to keep them engaged and active. It also gives me the ability to engage with my community and feel connected to other moms in the area. 

Dealing with financial stress can really isolate you as you try to minimize expenses, but you need to still have the ability to enjoy life and participate in the world and that is why programs such as these are so important to creating happy and healthy community environments. I was also able to take a meditation class where I learned how to deal with stress and stay calm, which I highly recommend especially for those struggling financially. 

You’re all doing a great job and this program is really doing a wonderful service to the community. Thank you! 

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