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New Spikeball sets ready for play at summer camp

Kids who attend the Naperville Park District’s summer day camps will get to enjoy playing a favorite new game:  Spikeball.
Boys demonstrate how to play Spikeball
Naperville resident Scott Palmer, head of operations at Chicago-based Spikeball, Inc., recently donated 12 sets of the Spikeball game to the Naperville Park District.

Scott Palmer
Spikeball, or roundnet, is a game that combines elements of volleyball and foursquare and is played by 4 players, who bounce a small ball onto a round net. It’s fun to play, easy to learn and portable—making it perfect for parties, youth groups, picnics and family vacations.

The game also has developed as a sport, with more than 200 tournaments taking place worldwide each year.

Although still relatively new, Spikeball apparently is familiar to many kids. We asked a group of boys who were playing basketball at one of the open gyms at Fort Hill Activity Center to unbox one of the games for us. They had it assembled within a couple of minutes and gave a quick demonstration of how to play.

The game was created in the 1980s but did not become popular until after it was re-discovered in 2004 by a group of friends vacationing in Hawaii. Chris Ruder, founder of Spikeball, Inc. tells the story in this article of how he launched the company’s website in 2008 and grew the game into a million-dollar enterprise that would attract more than a million players by 2013.

Spikeball sets are available to purchase at or at your local sporting goods store.

Play Spikeball at Day Camp this Summer!

Register now for Summer Camps

Naperville Park District offers a variety of day camps and special interest camps for summer 2018. Registration is available by the week to allow flexibility for your family’s schedule. Day camps include Camp LOL for grades 1-4, Camp F2F for grades 5-8, Summer’s Last Hurrah for grades 1-5, Summer School Camp, Adventure Camp, and Camp Summer Fun. Special interest camp themes include nature, arts, science and technology and athletics and are listed in the 2018 Summer Camps Guide.

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