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Hiking Trails at the Naperville Park District

Looking for a place in Naperville to take a hike? The Naperville Park District has a variety of trails throughout the community, from grass or dirt trails through the woods to the well-traveled Riverwalk. The list below includes parks in each geographical region of the District that have a trail or trails within them that may be suitable for a hike.  Click on the park name to view or download a trail map for that park. 

Additionally, if you are interested in expanding your hike or taking a long bike ride, scroll down to the bottom of the list to see links to regional trail maps provided by the City of Naperville, DuPage County, the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County and the Forest Preserve District of Will County.

Naperville Park District parks on the list below that are marked with an asterisk either have segments of a regional trail within them or connect to a regional trail.
Please also note the Park District’s “Share the Trails” guidelines for safety and etiquette reminders, as many of the trails include runners, walkers, bikers and other users. 

Happy hiking!

Naperville Riverwalk

North Parks

Country Lakes Park, 1835 North Aurora Road. A half-mile, paved trail extends east-west across the park overlooking a wooded wetland. Parking is available and kids can enjoy the playground and open fields.

Heritage Woods, 1067 W. 5th Avenue. Explore the woods along a network of dirt trails, accessible from 5th Avenue.

Nike Sports Complex, 288 W. Diehl Road. A paved trail extends north-south, with a loop around the athletic field and a connection to the pickleball courts. The trail connects with sidewalks on Diehl Road and on North Mill Street and includes 6 fitness stations to add a full body workout to your hike. Parking, restrooms, a playground and picnic shelter are available.

Riverwalk Park, 912 Honorary Sindt Memorial Court or 320 W. Jackson Ave. Follow the Naperville Riverwalk to the west end where it winds through Sindt Woods. Please note that the Riverwalk does not allow bicycling, skateboarding or other wheeled vehicles except wheelchairs and strollers. Parking and restrooms are available near the Riverwalk Grand Pavilion at 912 Honorary Sindt Memorial Court. Restrooms also are available at the Riverwalk Café located at 441 Aurora Avenue.

Seager Park, 1163 Plank Road. Take a short hike on the loop trail around the picnic pavilion or follow the trail into the woods on the west side of the park. Parking and restrooms are provided.

Seager Park

*Wil-O-Way Commons, 1071 West Jefferson Avenue. The trail at this park is part of the DuPage River Trail that continues north along the river to McDowell Grove Forest Preserve.

Central Parks

*Dorothea Weigand Riverfront Park, 2436 S. Washington Street. The DuPage River Trail runs through this park, which offers parking and river access.

Hobson West Ponds, 1047 S. West Street. A network of mowed trails winds through a natural area with birds, butterflies and other wildlife.

Kingsley Prairie, 160 Ring Road. Mowed trails form a loop around this natural area.

Knoch Park, 724 S. West Street. Sidewalks within the park and on the right-of-way form a loop around this park, with large athletic fields, a playground, landscape beds and shade trees.

May Watts Park, 804 S. Whispering Hills Drive. Trails form a loop around the pond, providing a pleasant place to walk.

Meadow Glens Park, 1303 Muirhead Avenue. A paved, loop trail around this park features fitness stations and signs highlighting the prairie, tree species and rain garden at the park. The park includes parking, restrooms, a picnic shelter and a nature playground.

Trail at Meadow Glens Park

Sportsman’s Park, 735 S. West Street. A paved, loop trail gives access to the natural area at this park. Parking is provided.

*Pioneer Park, 1212 S. Washington Street. Access the DuPage River Trail at this park that provides parking, restrooms, a picnic shelter and river access.

Riverwoods Park, 2283 Riverwoods Drive. This park offers a network of dirt trails through a wooded area. 

Wildflower Park, 2122 Aurora Avenue. Enjoy walking around the pond on a paved, loop trail. Kids can enjoy the playground that includes a picnic shelter.

*Veterans Park, 303 E. Gartner Road. Access the DuPage River Trail, with parking provided.

Walnut Ridge Woods, 1092 Augustana Drive. A loop, dirt trail winds through the woods at this park.

Winding Creek Park, 144 W. Bailey Road. A paved trail runs through this park from Bailey Road to Redstart Road. Stop by the pond overlook, visit the playground or view the creek. Parking is available.

South Parks

*Ashbury Greenway, 3475 Plainfield/Naperville Road. Contains a segment of the Tall Grass Greenway Trail, connecting to Frontier Sports Complex on the west and to Rivercrest Estates Park and Knoch Knolls Park on the east.

Commissioners Park, 3704 111th Street. A paved, loop trail winds around the park and includes fitness stations for a full workout. The park provides restrooms, parking, picnic shelters, athletic fields, a pond, inline and skateboard facilities and a playground.

*Frontier Sports Complex, 3380 Cedar Glade Drive. Paved trails and sidewalks connect many of the park amenities in this large park and also connect to the Tall Grass Greenway Trail on the west via a pedestrian bridge over Route 59 and on the east across Book Road to Ashbury Park and Greenway. Restrooms, parking, picnic shelters and playgrounds are available at the park.

*Knoch Knolls Park, 336 Knoch Knolls Road. This park features two major segments of the DuPage River Trail, a pedestrian bridge, nature trails around the Knoch Knolls Nature Center and a network of mowed trails and dirt trails through the extensive wooded area. Parking, restrooms, a nature playground and a picnic area are provided.

*DuPage River Sports Complex, 2807 S. Washington Street. The DuPage River Trail continues from Knoch Knolls Park through DuPage River Sports Complex. Parking, restrooms and a picnic shelter are located at this park.

*DuPage River Park, 808 Royce Road. A one-mile segment of the DuPage River Trail continues through this park from the park entrance at the corner of Royce Road and Washington Street on the west side to Whalon Lake Preserve on the east. Parking, restrooms and a picnic pavilion are provided.

Trail at DuPage River Park

*Rivercrest Estates Park, 11S087 Sheri Street. The DuPage River Trail continues from Knoch Knolls Park into Rivercrest Estates Park through a natural area.

*Tall Grass Greenway, 3387 Tall Grass Drive. This park has a segment of the regional trail connecting Wolf’s Crossing Community Park to Frontier Sports Complex. 

Tall Grass Lakes, 3320 Rollingridge Road. A paved trail winds around the lakes at this park.

*Wolf’s Crossing Community Park, 3252 Wolf’s Crossing Road. A 1.4-mile paved trail loops around this large park. View open fields, prairie and a nature area along the trail. A trail connection leads to the Vermont Cemetery Preserve and to regional trails. Parking, restrooms and picnic shelters are provided, along with many other park amenities to enjoy.

*Parks marked with an asterisk  either have segments of a regional trail within them or connect to a regional trail.

Regional trails connecting to or between parks:

DuPage River Trail  – connects Veterans Park, Pioneer Park, Dorothea Weigand Riverfront Park, Rivercrest Estates Park, Knoch Knolls Park, DuPage River Sports Complex and DuPage River Park.
Tall Grass Greenway Trail – connects Wolf’s Crossing Community Park, Tall Grass Greenway, Frontier Sports Complex, Asbury Park, Ashbury Greenway, and the DuPage River Trail in Knoch Knolls Park.

Information about other regional trails:

Naperville Biking Map and Guide
DuPage County & Regional Bike Maps
Will County Regional Trails

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