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Golf Course Updates: Renovations and Winter Operations

Winter Golf Operations
With December weather milder than usual and no snow in the forecast, Springbrook and Naperbrook have been able to extend the golf season through most of December 2021. Both courses will be closed December 24-25 and December 31-January 2, however, Springbrook Golf Course will open again December 26-30 if weather allows, and may reopen January 3 if moderate temperatures continue with no accumulation of snow. Once there is a covering of snow on the ground or if temperatures remain consistently below freezing, Springbrook Golf Course will close.

Springbrook Golf Course in late November

Staff will monitor the weather during the winter months, and if weather permits, the driving range at Springbrook Golf Course may be opened.  Additionally, if there is a long stretch of unseasonably warm weather, one or both courses may reopen.  Check for updates on the status of the courses and driving ranges during the winter months. 

Golf shops at both courses will be open beginning in January from 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Tuesday-Friday and from 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. on Saturday. Additionally, purchase memberships, discount cards or gift cards anytime at 

Golf Course Renovations
The staff at both courses is excited about course renovations that began this past summer and will continue into 2022, bringing welcome enhancements to the courses.

Naperbrook Golf Course’s practice green and driving range are being expanded and seeded with HGT bluegrass to provide a high quality surface and wear tolerance.  With the assistance of a golf course architect, the new practice tee and green were designed to provide the most space available, while taking advantage of improved construction and turf types.  Plenty of space for all weather tees was also included to allow off-season use of the driving range.  This will allow ample room for walk up or pre-round practice, even when our popular golf lesson programs are being taught. Additionally, a practice bunker will be constructed next to the range tee to provide short game and full swing options for practicing from the sand. Initial construction has been complete as of mid-September 2021. The driving range will use all-weather mats only, until the turf range tee and practice green open in late spring 2022 when the turf has become established. 

Initial grading of the range renovation at Naperbrook

Turf germinating at the renovated range

Turf at Naperbrook's range after the first mow

Springbrook Golf Course is undergoing major renovations to its drainage system to prevent stormwater from impacting playing areas following periods of heavy rainfall. This fall, contractors installed large mainline drainage lines throughout the course, engineered to help pull water off areas that historically have collected water. The work proceeded one hole at a time, minimizing the impact to players. Additional course renovations are planned for 2022, including updates to tees, bunkers and other features, along with continued drainage work. 

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