NPD Offers Outdoor Fitness Programs This Summer

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

This summer, Naperville Park District is offering a variety of adult fitness classes outdoors, taking advantage of the warm weather, seasonal locations such as Centennial Beach, and new facilities including the Fitness Court, which is set to open in June at the 95th Street Community Plaza, at 3380 Cedar Glade Dr.

"Exercising outdoors adds health benefits including lifting your mood, raising Vitamin D levels, and energizing your workout," said Fitness Manager Kristina McGrath.

Fort Hill Fitness will conduct its FIT45 class at the new Fitness Court beginning in mid-June. A functional interval training class, FIT45 helps participants gain strength and cardio fitness. At the Fitness Court, participants can use the fitness elements that are designed to provide an efficient, body-weight workout. Another popular program in the Fort Hill Fitness group exercise lineup is Zumba Gold, which is a slower paced version of Zumba for those new to the practice, for seniors or those who prefer a slower pace. Beginning in June, Outdoor Zumba Gold will take place at the Wagner Family Pavilion at the 95th Street Community Plaza, located at 3109 Cedar Glade Dr.

Centennial Beach will continue hosting two yoga programs this summer: Beach Yoga and Paddleboard Yoga. The benefits inherent in a yoga practice are enhanced by the beautiful surroundings at the Beach. The challenge of balancing on a paddleboard will help strengthen core muscles and balance, and the experience of being out on the water adds intensity during the active poses and peacefulness during the closing relaxation. An Aquatic Fitness class also is available at Centennial Beach, using the natural resistance and buoyancy of water to create a fun and effective workout.

In addition to offering outdoor fitness programs, the Park District maintains outdoor fitness equipment at Nike Sports Complex, Meadow Glens Park, Commissioners Park and Wolf's Crossing Community Park that is available for the community to use at no cost. Park visitors can enhance a walk or run by stopping at a series of fitness stations that focus on different muscle groups to complete a full body workout.