It's Turtle Nesting Season!

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Have you seen turtles crossing roads, trails or parking lots in our parks lately?

  • This time of year, female aquatic turtles leave the water to find a suitable spot to lay their eggs on land.
  • They may scout out a location before they actually lay their eggs.
  • To create a nest, females use their hind legs to dig holes in soil, sometimes selecting flower beds, mulched landscapes, or sandy areas.
  • Turtle eggs are round or oval and leathery.
  • Turtle eggs can take 2-4 months to hatch but Painted turtle eggs overwinter.
  • The sex of baby turtles is determined by the ground temperature - warmer temperatures produce females, cooler temperatures produce males. Within one nest males may develop at the bottom with females at the top.
  • After laying their eggs, and covering their nest, the females head back to the water; they do not care for their young.

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A Painted Turtle

A Common Snapping Turtle