Giant Kites Return to Naperville June 5

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Once again, Naperville area residents will have the opportunity to see gigantic kites in the skies over Frontier Sports Complex. On Sunday, June 5, kite enthusiasts from Chicago Kite will bring a variety of show kites that they will launch at the 15th annual Kite Fly from 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., weather permitting. They also will bring a supply of kites for sale that are perfect for beginning kite fliers.

Show kites in the air at the Frontier Kite Fly

At this free event, hosted by Naperville Park District, presented by The Branch-Naperville Moms, and supported by KidsMatter, everyone is invited to view the amazing show kites, fly their own kite, bring a picnic or purchase food from food trucks on site, and enjoy games and entertainment.

The Neuqua Steel Band at a past Kite Fly at Frontier Sports Complex

Sponsor tents provide additional activities for attendees

Who is flying the gigantic kites?

David Zavell is a kite enthusiast and owner of Chicago Kite/Kite Harbor. He will be bringing a team of experienced kite fliers to Frontier Sports Complex for the kite demonstrations at the June 5 event. He has been flying kites for 30 years and has brought show kites to the Frontier Kite Fly since its inaugural year in 2007. Although the weather and wind conditions will determine the final selection of kites, David plans to bring the 82-foot octopus, which is the largest kite at the Frontier event, and a manta ray, an astronaut and others.

In addition to managing the kite store, David travels around the world to attend kite festivals and displays, from dunes in the desert to the beaches of Europe. One of the most memorable kite demonstrations he experienced was at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Station in 2018, where he performed for military families.

David started his career as a photographer and worked in a retail store owned by his parents. He began flying kites and learned from others, gradually concentrating more on flying large kites at festivals.

4 Tips for successful kite flying as a beginner
  1. Start with a kite that is easy to fly. Chicago Kite will bring several models of kites to the Frontier Kite Fly that can be purchased for approximately $15 and are great for beginners. David Zavell recommends a delta kite that is triangular at the top. The "Easy Flyer" is available from Chicago Kite for $14.99. Another type of kite that David recommends is a parafoil kite that is like a parachute, flies easily and folds into a pouch for easy travel and storage.
  2. Go to an open space away from trees and overhead power lines.
  3. Wait for the right wind conditions. Look for a steady, moderate wind, between 5 and 15 mph.
  4. Follow some simple instructions. The American Kitefliers Association has helpful tips on how to fly a kite and this how-to video shows you how to fly a delta kite.
Learn more about kites

The American Kitefliers Association has a wealth of information about kites, including the history of kite flying, what kites are made of, how to make one, the physics of kite flying, kite safety, kite festivals, kite clubs, and an online store.

Listen to the Sport Kite Podcast, in which sport kite fliers tell stories of their kite-flying adventures.

Watch show kites at festivals around the world on the YouTube Channel, World's Greatest Kiting.