S12 Episode 02: Yoga Meditations - Introduction

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Experienced yoga teacher Sarah Weyenberg explains the benefits of meditation and how to begin. This is an introduction to Episodes 03 and 04, which are meditations that you can use.

This episode is part of Series 12: Yoga. For a list of ParkTalk episodes and series, visit https://www.napervilleparks.org/PODCASTS

Quote from the episode: "Anytime someone is nervous about starting meditation, I say, just try it for one minute. Just close your eyes and be as still and peaceful as you can be, simply by watching your breath come and go. And usually you notice that that one minute feels kind of awesome. You can get benefits from even a few seconds of meditation."

Try one or both of the guided meditations that Sarah has recorded on our podcast!

For the "Start Your Day with Gratitude" meditation, go to S12 Episode 03.

For the "Releasing Tension" meditation, go to S12 Episode 04.

Each meditation is about 9 minutes in length. Ideally, find a quiet spot where you are not likely to be interrupted. Settle into a comfortable position, turn on the audio and let Sarah's voice lead you through.

Sarah Weyenberg

For more online yoga and meditation practices, visit Sarah Weyenberg's online yoga studio, Shiny, Happy Yoga. You can find several different yoga classes offered free on her YouTube Channel, or subscribe to her online studio for access to the entire library of classes, with new content added weekly.

Looking for a yoga class in the Naperville area?
Naperville Park District offers both yoga, meditative yoga and meditation classes. Check the current Program Guide in the Fitness and Wellness and Fort Hill Fitness sections.

In the summer, Sarah teaches stand up paddleboard yoga and beachside yoga at Naperville Park District's Centennial Beach.