S4 Episode 05: WellFit for Balance and Strength

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Occupational therapist Dina Kartsonas describes the benefits for seniors of her WellFit Seated Strength Training and Better Balance and Core classes at the Naperville Park District.

This episode is part of Series 4: Senior Adult Connections and Resources. For a list of ParkTalk episodes and series and to submit ideas and questions, visit https://www.napervilleparks.org/PODCASTS

Quote from the episode:

"Statistics say that one out of every three adults over the age of 65 will fall within a year. I'm offering something that's going to reduce their fall risk, and help keep them active so they can do all the things they enjoy doing." -Dina Kartsonas

Dina Kartsonas leads the WellFit Better Balance and Core class on June 25, 2018

Check the Park District's Senior Program Guide for current class listings.

Also, please note that adults age 60 and up receive a 20% discount on most programs for adults of all ages in the regular Program Guide. Additionally seniors may qualify for a Silver Sneakers membership at Fort Hill Activity Center.