ParkTalk Podcast - S19 Episode 02: Tennis in the Pandemic

Monday, September 14, 2020

Tennis program coordinator Meredith Pollack explains why tennis is a great sport to play or try for the first time during the pandemic.

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Quotes from the episode: "One of the things that makes tennis a really good sport for people who want to stay involved in other sports is that a lot of the athletic skills and movements on the court transfer to other team sports. For example, the split step and the adjustment to the pace and depth and speed and spin of the ball has you on your toes in such a way that it can transfer to being a short stop in baseball or guarding people in basketball or to a variety of sports like soccer. So while someone might not be able to play basketball right now, they could come out for cardio tennis drills and get a great workout while also supporting some of the athletic skills they would be practicing while on the basketball court." - Meredith Pollack

"One of the things that makes our adult beginner class good, is that a lot of people in the class are in the same boat as you are. As you start to learn, you have built-in practice partners who are working on the same things that you are. And a lot of those players end up sticking together, progressing through the classes together, and then they just keep playing." - Meredith Pollack

A longitudinal study showed that tennis has great health benefits and can add more healthy years to your life than any other sport.

Adults in one of the Naperville Park District tennis classes

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One of the youth tennis classes at the Park District