ParkTalk Podcast S18 Episode 02: Yackley Farm

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Norma Yackley Yeates shares her experiences growing up on a farm in Naperville from the 1930s to early 1950s and Ginny Wolf Chivas adds her perspective as a lifelong friend of Norma's and member of a farm family with a 170-year history in Naperville.

This episode is part of Series 18: Remembering our Agricultural Heritage.

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Quote from the episode: "I learned to be thankful when I saw what was happening in my life on the farm, and how nature reproduced year after year. Several times in my life when things have been in turmoil or difficulty, I remember that it was going to be all right. The sun will come up, the corn will grow, the chickens will hatch, and it just keeps going." -Norma Yackley Yeates

Norma and Ginny, June 2020

The Binder/Yackley Farm in 1973. It was located on the southwest corner of Routes 34 and 59.

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