S4 Episode 02: Ride Assist Naperville

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Ride Assist Naperville (RAN) was founded in 2016 and has been offering rides to medical and dental appointments for Naperville seniors since May 2017.

This episode is part of Series 4: Senior Adult Connections and Resources. For a list of ParkTalk episodes and series and to submit ideas and questions, visit https://www.napervilleparks.org/PODCASTS

Quote from the podcast episode:

"By giving the seniors the ability to make their own medical appointments and the arrangements to get there, we're giving them back a measure of independence and they're excited to have it. They make friends with the drivers...the drivers are dedicated, wonderful people and we couldn't do it without them." - Karen Courney

View an interview on NCTV's Spotlight with RAN's president, Tim Ells and one of the riders, Bev Bischoff.

Visit Ride Assist Naperville's website at www.rideassistnaperville.org to learn more about becoming a driver or rider. RAN is supported in part by generous donations from the community. Learn more about how to contribute here.