S9 Episode 01: Playgrounds

Monday, March 25, 2019

Landscape architect Jessica Burgdorf explains what goes into the design and construction of playgrounds in our public parks. We also take a quick audio visit to a playground to hear what a parent has to say.

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Quotes from the episode:

"I'll take you through the average playground renovation that you would see...most often, we renovate in the spring so that they are ready for summer, the most popular time to use them." -Jessica

"(The Jaycee Playground) has a lot of shade...in the summertime, it's just gorgeous. On a hot day you can come and play and you're near the river. It's beautiful, and it's close to downtown. It's a great place to come and meet and have a play date." - Anna, a Naperville parent

Jaycee Playground, March 2019

Middle School students on a choral tour visit the Jaycee Playground for a quick break

Playgrounds scheduled to be renovated in 2019 include playgrounds at Heatherstone Park, Three Meadows Park and the Jaycee Playground at the Riverwalk (Centennial Park).

A new playground is coming in 2020 as part of the new park, Southwest Community Park, located at 3252 Wolf's Crossing Road.

Learn more about these projects here.

Naperville Park District Playgrounds
Playgrounds in Community Parks or Sports Complexes:
(Find park addresses in All Parks List)

Arrowhead Park
Centennial Park (Includes the Jaycee Playground in the western area of the Riverwalk, west of Centennial Beach)
Central Park
Commissioners Park
Country Lakes Park
Frontier Sports Complex
Gartner Park
Knoch Knolls Park
Knoch Park
Meadow Glens
Nike Sports Complex
Riverwalk Park (see Centennial Park)
Winding Creek Park

Playgrounds in Neighborhood Parks North of 75th Street:
Northwest Area
Apache Park
Atwater Park
Century Farms Park
Cress Creek Park
Fox Hill Greens
Kendall Park
Mill Street Park
Queensbury Greens

Northeast Area
Columbia Estates
Kroehler Park
Springhill Park
Yorkshire Manor Park

West Central Area
Brush Hill Park
Buttonwood Park
Harris Fawell Park
West Greens
Wil-O-Way Commons
Wil-O-Way Park
Wildflower Park

East Central Area
Burr Oak Park
College Park
Country Commons
East Greens
Huntington Commons
Huntington Estates Park
Huntington Ridge Park
Hobson Grove
Olesen Farm Park
Pembroke Commons
Pembroke Park
Three Meadows

Playgrounds in Neighborhood Parks South of 75th Street
Southeast Area
Brighton Ridge Park
Columbia Commons
Eagle Park
Farmington Park
Hunters Woods
Oakridge Parkway
Old Farm Park
Old Sawmill Park
Spring-Field Park
Timber Creek Park
University Heights Park
Walnut Ridge Park
Willowgate Square

Southwest Area
A. George Pradel Park
Ashwood Park
Creekside Park
Crestview Knoll
Heatherstone Park
Kingshill Park
River Run Park
Rose Hill Farms Park
South Pointe Park
Summerfield Lake
Tall Grass Lakes
White Eagle Park