S8 Episode 02: Fencing for Fun and Fitness

Friday, March 1, 2019

Coach Peter Habala, five-time national champion from Team Romania, explains the challenges of fencing and why it's great both for adults and kids.

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Quote from the episode: "Fencing is a multi-layered mental game and at the same time it requires a physical element. It teaches kids discipline and etiquette, which I think is very important. It's a lifetime sport, with competitive opportunities from age 8-70." -Coach Habala

Coach Habala instructs students at a Friday evening program at the Naperville Park District

Naperville Park District offers fencing instruction for beginner and intermediate levels for youth ages 10-16 and for adults ages 21 and up. Youth and adults also can participate in the fencing club program. More information is found here.

View a video story about the Park District's fencing class on Naperville News 17 Sports here

Participants in fencing programs may purchase their own fencing gear or they may use the suits and equipment provided by the Park District as part of the program. Beginner foil fencing sets cost approximate $100 and up.

Equipment provided at the Park District program