S11 Episode 03: Commissioners as Volunteers - Mike Reilly

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Park Commissioner Mike Reilly reflects on his ten years on the Park District Board, what he learned, what the District has accomplished, and why he encourages others to consider running for office in the future.

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Quote from the episode:

"Every commissioner has to have a good, solid opportunity to contribute and get their voices heard, get their opinions out there. That's why the process we have--of having ideas percolate in committees, then they come to a workshop, then they come for a final vote at a regular meeting--allows plenty of time for commissioners to ask questions, for staff to be able to develop responses to those questions, and for us to vet the projects. And it has really smoothed out the entire process in my opinion." -Commissioner Mike Reilly

Read Commissioner Reilly's biography here

Commissioner Reilly at a playground opening in 2018

One of Commissioner Reilly's favorite moments over the past ten years: Nike Sports Complex Grand Opening with kids and Mayor Pradel running to cut the ribbon

View the Park Board meeting schedule, meeting minutes, and policies here

The Park Board is comprised of seven commissioners who serve four-year terms, staggered such that four expire in 2021 and three expire in 2023.