Naperville Premier Soccer League

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The Naperville Premier Soccer League (NPSL) is designed for teams seeking an enhanced focus on player development in a more competitive environment without the time and cost constraints of a club or travel league.  

NPSL offers TWO PROGRAMS based on grade level:

NPSL University (1st Grade)

The NPSL University program is a great opportunity for 1st grade teams to receive specialized training while still cultivating a recreational experience. University teams have one 45 - 60 minute training session per week with a certified trainer and participate in Naperville Youth Soccer Saturday games led by their volunteer coaches (no scores or standings are recorded). Players wear an NYS reversible game jersey and follow NYS game rules.

NPSL League (2nd - 8th Grade)

Each grade within NPSL plays within its own division. Teams practice 1 - 2 times per week for approximately 45 - 60 minutes and participate in weekly NPSL Saturday games at various locations (scores and standings are recorded; awards are given to 1st and 2nd place teams at the end of the season).

During registration, 2nd - 8th grade NPSL teams select one of the following trainer or no-trainer options (fees vary accordingly):

Option 1 - No Trainer; Volunteer Coach Leads All Practices and Games
Option 2 - One Trainer-Led Practice per Week; Volunteer Coach Leads Games
Option 3 - Two Trainer-Led Practices per Week; Volunteer Coach Leads Games


NPSL registration is by Team only. Head coaches complete their team's registration online, choosing the preferred trainer or no-trainer option (for 2nd - 8th grade only). A $200, non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration. Non-residents are charged an additional $20 per player (collected during the roster development process).  

Fall 2024 Team Registration is Currently Open. The deadline to register for the "trainer" option is June 30, 2024 and for league only is July, 21, 2024. Registration for the spring season will open in December and close in February. 

If you are interested in participating in the league but do not have a team, you can add yourself to the "interest list." This list is provided to coaches who are looking for additional players. Please note that placement is not guaranteed. Coaches seeking the interest list should email the program coordinator.


NPSL University 1st Grade Teams must wear the NYS reversible jerseys which can be purchased at the Fort Hill Activity Center.  

NPSL 2nd - 8th Grade Teams choose their own uniforms. Teams may opt to wear the NYS reversible jerseys, t-shirts from local hobby stores or full uniforms; all options are acceptable.

Uniform Requirements:  

-       Each team member must wear the same jersey, shorts and socks.
-       Each player must have a home and away jersey to prevent color conflicts with opposing teams.
-       Each jersey must have a unique number on the back; no two players may use the same number.

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Field Maps

Cantore Park
Frontier Sports Complex
Knoch Park
Meadow Glens
Nike Sports Complex
Queensbury Greens
South Pointe Park
Westglen Park


Yes, your child may play in both the NYS and NPSL programs. However, staff will not be able to accommodate any scheduling conflicts between the leagues. If you registered your child for NYS but elect to play on a team within NPSL instead, please remember to call the Park District's Community Relations Department at 630-848-5000 to withdraw your child from NYS.

There are no restrictions on club team players, or the number of club team players playing on an NPSL team.

The cost to participate depends on the options that teams select when registering. It also depends on the grade level of the players. Cost is determined on a per team basis; the individual fee will be determined by the option selected and the number of players on a team.

Grade 1 plays 5v5 and can have a maximum of 10 on the roster.
Grades 2-3 play 7v7 and can have a maximum of 14 on the roster.
Grades 4-8 play 9v9 and can have a maximum of 16 on the roster.

NPSL has partnered with Coerver Coaching to provide training services. Coerver ® Coaching was founded in 1984, by Alf Galustian and former Chelsea great Charlie Cooke, who were both inspired by the philosophy of legendary Dutch coach, Wiel Coerver. Together, they developed a program of teaching that was unlike anything else available then or now. Coerver is a comprehensive coaching program for young players teaching both individual skills and team play for players of all ages and abilities.

Coerver Coaching in the USA is run by independent Licensee's in each State. Soccer Success Inc., founded in 2005 by David Parker has been the Coerver Coaching Licensee for Illinois since 2006. Trainers are hired through a stringent recruitment process. All candidates are assessed on the field in a practical coaching setting and through a formal interview.  

Teams submit their practice preferences at the time of registration. The contractual training provider collaborates with teams to finalize practice day, time, and location a few weeks before the program begins.

Yes, teams are welcome to source their own trainers. 

Priority is given to NPSL teams using trainers for training areas at Nike Sports Complex, Frontier Sports Complex, Meadow Glens Park and DuPage River Park. In the fall, only teams using NPSL trainers will be allowed to use the lighted areas of these parks. Teams that do not use a trainer through NPSL may rent lighted fields for an additional fee.

Games are played at a variety of parks throughout Naperville. Specific field locations may change from season to season and may not be located near the team's practice location. Games are typically played on Saturdays. There is a possibility of an occasional weekday game due to make-up needs.

There are 9 training sessions provided to teams who register for a "trainer" option. Each teams plays 8 games over the course of the season. Games are not played over the Memorial Day or Labor Day weekends.

Each season we have over 100 teams participating in the NPSL league. Due to the complexity of the scheduling process including field, referee and trainer availability, we are unable to accommodate requests for game schedule modifications or reschedule requests. Teams may not reschedule their games to another day, time or location even if they offer to pay for space and/or provide their own referee. Teams unable to make a scheduled game, may work within their age group to switch timeslots.

While we encourage coaches to provide equal opportunities for player development throughout the season, ultimately position rotation and playing time will be determined by the coach.

NPSL is open to all teams. Any non-resident player must pay an additional $20 fee. Please note that resident status is based on taxes that are paid to the Park District and not just if you have a Naperville address.

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