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Mobile App

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Frequently Asked Questions:
How can I find the Mobile App?
Click on either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store buttons above.

Why does the Mobile App need access to my location services?
In order pull up GPS turn by turn directions to find our parks and facilities your location services must be enable. 

Why does the Mobile App want to send me notifications? 
The Naperville Park District keeps the community informed through many facets of communication. The messages sent through the Mobile App will be closure and emergency related.

Why does the Mobile App suggest that I install Google Maps?
When Google Maps is installed side by side with the Naperville Park District Mobile App, features such as traffic, park reviews, related park images, direct links to park websites, and direct contact information is made readily available. This provides you a much more interactive experience with this portion of the Mobile App

Why does the Mobile App need access to my device’s Identity, Photos/Media/Files, and Wi-Fi connection information?
The Mobile App needs access to your device’s identity in order to use the GPS location services. The access to your Photos/Media/Files is in regards to the location the Mobile App uses to store your Naperville Park District memberships. Finally, the Mobile App requires a Data or Wi-Fi connection to make use of all functions within the application.