Brighton Ridge Park

775 Torrington Drive
Naperville, IL


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All state fishing regulations apply; individuals between ages 16-65 need a valid fishing license, (15 and under do not need a license) which can be purchased through Illinois Department of Natural Resources or at local retail outlets. Naperville Park District’s rules for fishing can be found in Section 2.19 of Ordinance 641. Fishing is also available on the banks of the DuPage River. Want to learn more about fishing at Naperville Park District parks? Read our "Let's Go Fishing" blog.

Upcoming Improvements/Construction

Pond Dredging and Shoreline Restoration Project

Project Background.  Silt has filled the retention pond over the years, degrading the water quality and the pond’s capacity to hold stormwater and prevent flooding. The invasive trees that have grown and spread along the pond’s shoreline do not hold soil in place, rather, they allow for the erosion of soil into the pond. 

Project Description and Timeline. Naperville Park District is partnering with DuPage County Stormwater Management Department and its contractors to restore the pond and its shoreline. Phase 1 of the project is to remove the invasive and declining trees along the shoreline. This work is planned for winter 2023/2024. Phase 2 of the project is to be  performed by the Park District’s contractor. It will involve  removing the silt that has filled the retention pond over the years. Phase 3 is to stabilize the slopes of the shoreline and plant native vegetation to prevent erosion in the future. The Park District installed new trees throughout the park in the past and in 2023 in anticipation of this work. Phases 2 and 3 are planned to begin in 2024.

This page provides more information about how the Park District cares for ponds.

Project Letters

Brighton Ridge Park Letter_071723 

Brighton Ridge Park Letter_120623 

Project Map