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A Furry Visitor

A  hungry young opossum has been hanging around the nature center!

  • It first appeared a couple of weeks ago during the day.
  • It was feasting on the seeds that fell to the ground under our bird feeder out front.
  • Now we see its tracks in the snow so it must be visting the feeder at night.
  • This Virginia Opossum was born last spring or summer and has been on its own since it was about 3½ months old and 8"-9" long.
  • Opossums, and other mammals like skunks and raccoons, will nap during cold winter periods but after a few days of dozing they must wake up and find food
  • Interesting Opossum Facts!
    • Opossums rarely get rabies. Their lower body temperature keeps the rabies virus from thriving.    
    • When threatened opossums may bare their teeth, hiss, bite or stick out their tongues and play dead!
    • Opossums can eat as many as 5000 ticks each summer!
 To learn more about these very interesting mammals visit http://www.nhptv.org/natureworks/opossum.htm