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Timber Footbridge at Knoch Knolls Park to be Removed Due to Safety Concerns

A crane will be transported to Knoch Knolls Park on Tues., Feb. 1 in anticipation of the planned work to remove the timber footbridge. Depending on the weather, the structure is expected to be dismantled with the pieces hauled offsite by later in the week. 

At its October 28 meeting, Naperville Park District staff provided the Park Board of Commissioners with an overview of the condition of the more than 30-year-old timber footbridge at Knoch Knolls Park along with the recommendation to seek bids to remove the bridge in 2022. Staff provided the information as a follow-up to an earlier review of a structural engineering report completed for the timber footbridge and discussion of the topic at the October 14, 2021 Parks and Recreation Committee meeting. 

In September, the Naperville Park District closed the timber footbridge with stairs at Knoch Knolls Park for safety reasons following a field inspection by a structural engineer. The timber bridge was constructed in 1988 and has been monitored by the Park District for safety. This bridge spans the West Branch of the DuPage River and is located just 350 feet east of the newer bicycle/pedestrian bridge that is part of the DuPage River Trail.  

The field inspection report revealed issues with one of the footbridge’s beams, making the carrying capacity of the bridge uncertain. The full engineering report further confirmed its structural weaknesses and recommended the demolition of the bridge, given that a newer, ADA accessible pedestrian bridge is located nearby at Knoch Knolls Park.