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This time of year, you may spot an Eagle!

Winter is the best time of year to see bald eagles!

  • As the weather gets colder, eagles living in Canada, Minnesota, Wiscosin fly south and may congregate along our large rivers. (There are some year-round resident eagles in Illinois as well.)
  • When ice covers area waterways, the eagles gather in large flocks around the open water created by dams and locks on the Des Plaines, Illinois, Fox and Mississippi Rivers.
  • Why? Because they are fishing for their dinner. 
  • Sometimes eagles fly along the East and West Branches of the DuPage River in our area.
  • Staff have spottted Bald Eagles at Knoch Knolls Park recently. 
  • It's hard to miss these massive birds, with wing spans up to 7 feet!
  • If you see a huge, all brown, bird, it may be a juvenile bald eagle, since eagles don't get their white head feathers until they are about 5 years old.
  • To view large congregations of eagles, go on a guided tour or attend an eagle program, check out this list of Illinois Eagle Watching Events!

  Juvenile and adult Bald eagle