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This One's Harder to Find!


Can you find the Large Milkweed Bug, Oncopeltus fasciatus, hiding in this milkweed seed pod?


These bugs are one of the many types of insects that live on milkweed plants.


Large Milkweed Bugs eat the seeds, leaves and stems of the plant.


They have the same warning coloration as adult Monarch butterflies and often congregate in groups which is thought to highlight these warning colors.


Unlike Monarch butterflies though, they only go through 3 life stages, sometimes called simple metamorphosis.


Once the eggs hatch the nymph goes through 4-8 molts to become an adult. 


b2ap3_thumbnail_Milkweed-adult-up-close.jpgAdult Large Milkweed Bug   b2ap3_thumbnail_20171016_195102_20171025-145205_1.pngAdult and nymphs in various stages

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