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The Monarchs have Landed!

Our annual Monarch display is on exhibit now!

Stop by to see some of the different stages of a Monarch Butterfly's life cycle!

We search for eggs on milkweed plants and bring them inside. (Please note that taking milkweed leaves, eggs and caterpillars from our parks is not allowed but many people collect them from their yards and raise them.)

Once they hatch we provide fresh milkweed leaves almost daily - caterpillars are eating, and pooping, machines!

After about 10-12 days of gorging on milkweed leaves, the caterpillars climb to the hightes point they can find and hang upside down in a "J" shape.

They attach their rear ends with silk and shed their skin one last time to form a chrysalis.

After another 10 - 12 days an adult butterfly emerges.

Most adult butterflies only live about 5-6 weeks but the last generation in the late summer and fall does not mate and knows to start flying south for the winter. This migratory generation lives about 8 months.

It's truly an amazing process!

To learn more about Monarch Butterflies and to follow the Monarch spring and fall migration click here.