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Shelldon's Exercise Adventures

While the nature center is closed, Shelldon has the run of the place!

Just like us, exercise keeps him healthy.

In the summer months, we take him outside to explore.


We also provide enrichment activities for our animals.

Enrichment activities are designed to enhance an animal's quality of life by promoting natural behaviors, stimulating their senses and allowing them to control their environment.

When an animal gets to investigate new, safe environments and interact with novel objects, like a pine cone holding their food, their physical and psychological needs are being met.   

An animal's tank, or habitat, also needs to meet their needs.

You may have visited the nature center before and been disappointed because Shelldon was hiding in his cave. But hiding is a natural instinct for wild animals, even reptiles. 

Placing a cave in Shelldon's habitat allows him to choose a spot where he feels more secure.

Not having a place to hide would cause chronic stress and just like stress negatively affects human health, it negatively impacts animals' health as well.

The care of animals in captivity is called animal husbandry and includes all aspects of caring for an animal's wellbeing.

To find out more about proper animal husbandry, check out this article about enrichment for reptiles