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Sandhill Cranes are Flying North

We’ve been hearing Sandhill Cranes flying over the park!

  • Staff have heard and seen them riding the thermals and heading north.
  • Sometimes they fly so high that they become only small dots, making them difficult to see.
  • Many birders use their distinctive call to know when Sandhill cranes are flying overhead.
  • These large birds, ranging from 2.5 feet to 4 feet tall, mate for life.
  • Sandhill Cranes spent the summer in their breeding grounds in the upper U.S. or Canada although some pairs breed and nest locally.
  • They usually nest in open wetlands surrounded by trees or shrubs but some pairs nest on dry ground.
  • Mated pairs create a mound of dried vegetation for their nest then the female lays 1-3 eggs, which take about a month to hatch.
  • For naturalists, their calls herald the change of seasons in the spring and fall!

  To learn more about Sandhill Cranes click here.

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