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More Wildlife in Winter?

Ever notice that it's easier to spot wild animals in the winter?

It doesn't mean there's an increase in the number of animals though. Here's why we see wildlife more often during the wintertime:

  • Young animals born this summer, such as coyotes, are searching for territorites of their own, and eventually a mate.
  • There are less leaves on the trees, shrubs and other plants so it's easier to see wildlife like deer.
  • When it snows, most animals will stand out against a white background, even if they are mostly white, like an opossum.
  • There's less food in winter so wild animals spend more time searching for food, coming out during the day even if they are normally nocturnal, like raccoons.


But with the increased number of sightings and possible encounters with wildlife, park visitors need to increase their level of awareness regarding certain wild animals - coyotes and deer in particular. Our pets can be seen as competitors, for territory, by coyotes. And white-tailed deer, who are in mating season now, become less cautious near roads. 


To keep you safe this fall and winter, the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County has some great advice:

  • Visit here for pet owner safety tips.
  • And visit here for information on how to avoid deer as you drive our local roadways.


Enjoy this upcoming winter and stay safe out there!