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Meet Our New Fish!

We have added some new fish to our 900-gallon fish tank!

  • About 30 small bluegills sunfish joined us last November.
  • More recently we added a shortnose gar, several Black Crappies, a couple of Channel Catfish and two largemouth bass.

Stop by for a visit and look for our new additions!

  • The smaller bluegills are already swimming with the other, bigger, sunfish.
  • The gar likes to hang out, motionless, at the top of the tank.
  • The catfish hang out at the bottom of the tank and are mostly out at night. Look for their whiskers, or barbels, sticking out from their hiding spot.
  • The tiny largemouth bass, which have a dark horizontal stripe, are lightening fast and spend most of their time hiding.
  • The medium-sized black crappies tend to school together, away from the bluegills.

  Black crappies


   Channel catfish


  Largemouth bass


  Hybrid bluegills


  Shortnose gar