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Lots of birds are visiting our feeders!

With the cold and snowy weather, lots of birds have been visiting our feeders!

We've seen chickadees, woodpeckers, cardinals, finches, juncos, nuthatches and more!

The birds that overwinter in our area have amazing adaptations to get them through the cold and snowy winter days. Getting enough food to fuel their bodies is essential.

Studies have shown that feeding birds can increase their survival through winter, especially during really cold weather, and possibly even increase their reproductive success the following spring. 

But there are also downsides to bird feeding such as contamination of food, spreading of diseases and creating a spot for predators to hunt.

To learn more about this popular pastime (around 40% of Americans put out bird feeders) check out this article, Why Is It OK to Feed Birds But Not Other Wildlife? by Ken Picard.

(P.S. We used to have black bears in Illinos but they no longer live here so you don't have to worry about them visiting your bird feeders. But you may find a hungry deer, raccoon or opossum raiding the stash!)