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It's Turtle Nesting Season

Have you seen any turtles out and about lately?

  • This time of year, female aquatic turtles leave the water to find a suitable spot to lay their eggs.
  • They may scout out a spot first and then go back to it a couple of weeks later.
  • This means you may see them out and about, crossing roads to find that perfect spot!
  • So be extra cautious driving this time of year. You may need to stop for a turtle!
  • If you find one in the road, and it's safe for you to do so, you may carry it to the other side of the road, in the direction it was heading. (Turtles may go fairly far from their watery home to find a nesting spot so taking them back to water is not a good idea - they will just try to cross the road again.)
  • Please only observe snapping turtles from a safe distance. Even though turtle's don't have teeth, a snapping turtle has very powerful jaws and will bite to defend itself!

Check out this female snapping turtle crossing our parking lot to get back to the river.

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