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It's International Bat Appreciation Day

April 17 is International Bat Appreciation Day! 

  • April is a good time to learn more about bats as they become active again in northern Illinois.

  • Worldwide there are over 1,400 species of bats many of which are endangered. 13 species of bats are found in Ilinois with about 8 residing in Will County.

  • Bats are vital parts of our Earth's ecosystems but they are often seen as pests or spreaders of disease.

  • However, they are great at controllling insect pests and pollinating plants.

  • Bats face numerous threats from diseases, like White Nose Syndrome, hunting and habitat loss. 

  • Bats are unique - they are the only flying mammals.

  • Although not native to the U.S., rehabbed Flying fox (bats) have gained popularity on the internet for their cute eating habitats and being wrapped up like a burrito



For more information about bats visit Bat Conservation International.