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It's Grasshopper Season

Late summer is time for grasshoppers!

  • The grasshoppers we are see now hatched from eggs in the early summer.
  • They don’t reach their adult size until late summer or early fall.
  • Grasshoppers are herbivores and eat the flowers, leaves, seeds and stems of plants.
  • One of the largest, and most common, grasshoppers in Illinois is the Carolina grasshopper, Dissosteira carolina, shown pictured above.
  • They are golden tan to dark brown or even grey to green. They are large grasshoppers with black hind wings with a pale border.
  • To warm themselves up each day, Carolina grasshoppers bask in the sun along sidewalks, parking lots and dirt roadsand are often mistaken for a butterfly with their hovering flight
  • This hovering flight, performed by the males, along with a series of crackling clicks, is thought to attract a female.
  • Each female will lay about 300 eggs each summer using her ovipositor, a tube-like organ. She lays 40 eggs at a time within a two inch long egg pod.  
  • Baby grasshoppers, called nymphs, look like miniature adults but without wings.
  • A grasshopper’s powerful hind legs, act like a miniature catapult, making them excellent jumpers! If you could jump like a grasshopper, you would be able to leap over an entire football field in one jump!

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