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A Day in the Life of Flicker, our Foxsnake

Flciker, our Western Foxsnake, is becoming more active as the weather warms up and more sunlight comes into the nature center.

We take him out of his tank and let him explore the nature center. He likes to bask in the sunshine.



Have you noticed that Flicker's body has patterns similiar to a rattlesnake?

Along with this coloration, he has another strategy to make you think he's a rattlesnake, so you'll leave him alone.

He shakes his tail so quickly it makes a vibrating noise, even though he doesn't have rattles on the end of his tail!


Like all snakes, Flicker is a carnivore. We feed him two medium-sized mice every two weeks or so.

Here's Flicker loosening up his jaws so he can swallow his dinner, whole!

He has tiny teeth but they are just used to keep a grip on the mouse; he uses his jaws and muscles to move the mouse into his stomach.