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Did you miss Pollinator Week?

This year June 22-28 was National Pollinator Week.

Pollinators are so important to our everyday lives that a week was designated, nationally and internationally, to celebrate bees, birds, butterflies, bats and beetles!

  • Did you know that Illinios has over 500 native bees, that are mostly green and blue? They are crucial for pollinating native plants.
  • Although not as efficient at pollinating as bees, butterflies cross pollinate plants and increase biodiversity making habitats healthier and more resilient. 
  • In the U.S., hummingbirds are key for pollination of many wildflower species, especially those with tubular flowers.
  • If you enjoy Tequila, you should thank a bat! Bats pollinate the Agave plants that distillers use to make tequila. 
  • Beetles were the first pollinators - they've been around 150 million years, three times longer than bees. Although their mouthparts are used to chew, they pick up and distribute pollen as they fly from plant to plant.

To learn more about National Pollinator Week visit https://pollinator.org/pollinator-week