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Can you spot the baby turtles?

There are two snapping turtle hatchings in the photo above. They climbed out of their nest last week and instinctively headed towards the water!

  • Common snapping turtles are found throughout Illinois in permanent bodies of water.
  • In our area mating, and nesting, typically takes place in June. This is when you may see the large females out and about looking for the perfect nesting spot.
  • The female digs a nest in loose soil and lays anywhere from 20-30 eggs, depending on her size. We often find nests in our landscaping mulch/soil.
  • The eggs usually hatch in September and October but we have seen snapping turtle hatchlings emerge in December here at Knoch Knolls Park!
  •  In the winter snapping turtles bury themselves in the mud and wait for warmer spring weather.

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   Hatchlings and turtle egg remnants.