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A Little History

The Naperville area, and Knoch Knolls Park, has a rich cultural history.

The unique feature of Knoch Knolls Park, the conflence of the DuPage River, or where the two rivers meet, created unique habitats for wildlife. In turn this diversity of plants and animals helped the indigenous and immigrant human populations survive.

Plus before roads were built, the two branches of the DuPage River, the West Branch and East Branch, served as transportation routes.

Native Americans, French furtraders and the first European setters all took advantage of these waterways to travel, and find food and lumber for buildling homes.

And water provided another resource as well - energy. The power of water was used to build numerous mills in the area, to cut trees into logs and grind wheat into flour.

To learn more about some of the old mills in the area and our unique mill sculpture click here.