At the Fort Hill Activity Center

Naperville Park District gymnastics located at the Fort Hill Activity Center features AAI gymnastics equipment for boys and girls, including a tumble-track and foam pit. A wide variety of gymnastics programs for kids from 1 year of age through high school will be showcased at this facility. Current program offerings include:

PRESCHOOL CLASSES including parent participation programs and age-appropriate classes for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students, advancing from beginner to intermediate level skills

TUMBLING AND GYMNASTICS PROGRAMS where participants can use gymnast equipment

GYMNASTICS birthday parties

OPEN GYM times for the public

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Program Guide

Prerequisites for Level 3 and 4

To move to Level 3 you must be able to perform handstand , cartwheel, round-off, backbend on floor, handstand forward roll, handstand bridge kick-back, with correct form, without a spot.

You must be able to mount the high beam and perform all walks and skills (leap, jump, pivot turn, dismount) with correct form.
You must have a glide swing, pullover on uneven bars, jump and grab high bar from resi, and cast lifting hips off bars, all executed with good form and no spot.

To move to Level 4 you must have all Level 3 skills plus back roll to plank, running power round-off, Backbend kickover, back handspring on smarter spotter, front handspring off wedge.  All skills need to be performed with precision and correct start and finish positions.

You must have a correct mount and round-off dismount , leaps, jumps, walks, and turns done with precision and correct form, on high beam.  You must be able to execute a handstand and cartwheel on the low beam, with correct form.

On bars you must be able to perform all Level 3 skills, including back hipcircle, jump to high bar from low bar, cast 10” above bar, tap swing on high bar, squat on onto low bar, all skills performed without a spot, and executed correctly with good form.

On vault, you are expected to have a hurdle with arm circle to handstand on resi with 8” mat, ending with a pop hollow fall to flat back. All skills to move from Level 3 to Level 4 should be performed without a spot.