Ron Ory Community Garden Plots

Ron Ory Community Garden Plots Site Master Plan
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The Community Garden Plots are closed for the season.

Garden Plot Sizes

Full Plot, 29’ x 18’ (approximately 522 sq. ft.)
Half Plot, 14.5’ x 18’ (approx. 261 sq. ft)
Raised Plot, 20’ x 4’ (approx. 80 sq. ft; requires a doctor's note)

Where are the Garden Plots Located?

811 S. West Street, Naperville, IL 60540

Map, Forms & Brochures

2023 Garden Plots Program Agreement form (required; included in the registration process)
2023 Garden Plot Guidelines (the rules) 
2023 Garden Plot FAQs  (commonly asked questions) 
2023 Garden Plots Map (the plot locations)
Site Master Plan (upcoming improvements)
For questions about the garden plots, email us at

Closures and Limited Access Days

Please use the Naperville Park District’s Weather Cancellations & Facility Closures Rainout Line
Call 630-883-4242 or visit our Cancellations page . Sign up for Email and Text alerts!  

  Naperville Park District Garden Plots Facebook page


2024 Garden Plot Fees

  • Priority Registration begins in late February
  • Open Registration begins mid-March
Resident Non-ResidenT Resident Senior Non-Resident Senior
Half Size Plot
14.5' x 18'
$35 $47 $29 $39
Full Size Plot
29' x 18'
$55 $77 $40 $64
Raised Plot*
20' x 4'
$33 $46 $27 $37

Garden plot sizes are approximate. 
*Raised Plot requires a doctor’s note

What Else is at the Garden Plots?

Benefits of Community Gardening

Did you know that community gardening has multiple benefits? 



No, during the growing season only garden plot gardeners, who have rented and paid for a plot, may pick/collect their own produce, flowers and seeds. Violators will be ticketed.
• Once the garden plots close for the season, access is not permitted and trespassers will be ticketed.
• (Leftover produce is collected at the end of each growing season and donated to Loaves & Fishes, a local food pantry.)

Please visit the Park District’s Garden Plot webpage for fees.

412 Full size plots, approx. 29’ x 18’
• 111 Half size plots, approx. 14.5’ x 18’
• 11 Raised plots, approx. 4’ x 20’ (Use of a raised garden plot requires a doctor’s note.)

  • Priority Registration, which is for the previous year’s gardeners, in good standing, begins in late
  • February. Priority Gardeners are notified about early registration by email.
  • Open Registration for the general public (residents and non-residents) begins in mid-March.See the Spring Program Guide or the
  • Garden Plot webpage for the registration dates.
  • All registration dates are posted on the Garden Plot webpage (see link above).

Priority Registration is available for resident and non-resident gardeners in good standing from the previous gardening season. Gardeners that properly maintain their plots and clean up at the end of the season are considered in good standing and receive Priority Registration.

If you miss Priority Registration you will have to wait until Open Registration begins in March to rent a plot. We do not “hold” plots for Priority Registration gardeners.

  • Online at
  • Use search word “Garden Plots”
  • Select Full Plots or Half Plots (for Raised Plots please call us – see number below)
  • The plots will be listed in numerical order
  • (Click on the link to the map to view plot locations)
  • If you see an “Add to Cart” button the plot is available for rental
  • Click on the “Add to Cart” button and proceed to your Cart to pay
  • By phone, 630-848-5000
  • Or in person

Yes, at two locations:
o Alfred Rubin Riverwalk Community Center, 305 Jackson Ave., Naperville, 2nd floor
o Fort Hill Activity Center, 20 Fort Hill Drive, Naperville

Yes, but you must wait until the first day of Non-resident registration, in mid-March, to rent a second plot. See the Spring Program Guide or the Garden Plot webpage for the registration dates

Yes, the limit is two (2)

Yes, for anyone that is 60 years or older

Yes, we do. The far west end of the Community Garden Plots is designated for organic gardening.  Approximately 43 plots are available in the organic section.

No, we do not. Please visit the Park District’s Garden Plot webpage for fees.

You may view the garden plot map online at the garden plot page under the header "Map, Forms and Brochures"

Yes, one form is required but is part of the registration process, the Garden Plot Agreement Form located on this page

Yes, within the Garden Plot Guidelines and the Garden Plot Agreement forms both available on this page

The season depends on when the garden plots are able to open in the spring. The opening date typically occurs at the beginning of May, but soil and weather conditions dictate when the park district can prepare the plots for the season. The plots close towards the end of October.

Except for dates when the garden plots are closed or have limited access, you may garden in your plot, seven days a week, between sunrise and one hour after sunset.

All updated information regarding the Garden Plot Opening and Closing Day, as well as closures (fireworks) and limited access days, will be communicated through:
▪ The Naperville Park District’s Weather Cancellations & Facility Closure Rainout Line.
▪ The Naperville Park District’s Garden Plots Facebook page
▪ The Naperville Park District’s Garden Plot webpage,

Certain events that take place downtown, such as races/runs, may require closing of the garden plots.  Other events, such as a parade, limit entry into the garden plots due to the parade routes.

Yes, but you will need to visit the garden plots before or after the closed time period:

    • Check the City of Naperville’s race and parade route maps beforehand as well


Each plot is identified by a painted wooden stake in the center of the plot. These stakes have the plot number/letter on them. A flag is placed at the corner of each plot. These flags are shared by adjoining plots.
▪ Full-sized plots are identified by one number plus one letter.
▪ Half-plots are identified by one number plus two letters.
▪ Raised plots are identified by one number plus one or two letters

Yes, there are 4 ADA accessible port-o-lets onsite. See the Garden Plot map for locations of three. The last location tbd. (Look for the “P” within a square.)

You may park in the parking lot near West Street.
• Or if you want to be closer to your plot you may park along the interior roads, but only on the
designated side (look for the signs)
• Parking on next to plots, and/or in the grassy areas, is not permitted.

Yes, once you register you will be provided with a Parking Permit.
• The parking permit must be displayed on your car’s dash or hang it from the rear view mirror every
time you visit your garden.

No, your Garden plot parking permit is only for tending to your garden. 

Yes, a local farmer, and the park district, tills the soil each fall and spring. However, you may want to till your plot again before you plant.

Yes, you may use a rototiller or hire someone to till for you. 

Currently we do not, but we are assessing the possibility for 2024. There is no additional land available to designate as a no-till area so current plots will have to be converted to no till, which will affect current gardeners.