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Fort Hill Studio Expansion Construction Updates


10/2/19 - Beginning Wednesday, October 2 the 2nd floor lockers by the restrooms will be unavailable due to construction for the next few days. Please use other lockers throughout the facility during this time.

9/27/19 - Beginning Saturday, September 28 The Fort Childcare will be back in the childcare room. A coffee, snack and drink vending machine are now located in the first floor lobby.


9/11/19 - Beginning Wednesday, September 11 the new studio floor will be sealed and the protectant finish will be applied. Over the next couple days, you may notice an odor in the facility while they apply the finish to the new studio floor.

8/19/19 - Floor Refinishing: The following programs are cancelled due to floor refinishing: There will be no Group Exercise classes August 26-September 2. Group Exercise classes will resume on Tuesday, September 3. There will be no Open Gym August 26-September 2. The gym will re-open on Tuesday, September 3. The track will be closed August 26-August 29. The track will re-open on Friday, August 30.

8/6/19 - Beginning Wednesday, August 7 there will be construction in the 1st floor main hallway that will last for 2 days. Please be cautious when moving through the hallways.

7/16/19 - Due to the type of construction, there will be excessive noise in the building. The noise should dissipate around 3:00 pm today.

7/3/19 - During the week of July 8 - 12 Fort Hill users may notice temperature fluctuations throughout the building as a result of work that will occur on the heating and cooling system for the new studio.  We will attempt to keep spaces cooled close to the normal settings throughout the duration of the work.   The track is scheduled to remain open during the week of July 8 - 12.  Construction will occur near the area of the track entrance and exit.  Track users should use caution when entering and exiting the track, and must remain out of areas that are blocked for construction activities.  The second floor fitness doors will be unavailable at times during the week of July 8 - 12.  Signs will be posted in the fitness center to remind members to use the main stairwell to access the second level studios and track. We appreciate your patience as we continue the Fort Hill Activity Center expansion project

6/28/19 - FORT HILL EXPANSION CONSTRUCTION - TEMPORARY CLOSURES - MONDAY, JULY 1. Beginning Monday, July 1, the women’s restroom on the second floor will be temporarily closed as part of the construction project. Please use the restrooms on the first floor during this time. The lockers in the second floor vestibule may be unavailable during the restroom closure. During this time please use lockers in the rest of the facility.

6/5/19 - The week of June 10 - Large trucks will be onsite for the installation of precast concrete panels and steel. This will block some of our drive during the day, the construction team will be closing off sections in front of the building (Fort Hill parking lot main drive) and re-routing traffic through the parking lot. Construction generally takes place between 7 am-3 pm on the weekdays.

6/4/19 - The Track will be closed Wednesday June 5 from 7-11 am due to construction.



We are preparing Fort Hill for the start of an exciting project that will add 4,000 square feet of group exercise space. Please note the following important information regarding facility access during construction: 
·         East vestibule will have limited access until June 3
·         First floor vending will be moved near locker rooms; Second level vending will be removed
·         Childcare will be held in Multipurpose Room 1
·         WDSRA Rec N’ Roll program will be held in Multipurpose Room 3
·         Café will be closed up during renovations
·         East hallway and vestibule will be closed 

·         Track area lockers will be closed; please use other lockers located in the facility
The expansion project will be completed by Fall 2019. Through the construction process, some areas may be temporarily unavailable for use.