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Park District’s Jackie Gonzalez Named Aquatic Professional of the Month

The Association of Aquatic Professionals (AOAP) has named the Naperville Park District’s Aquatic Manager Jackie Gonzalez the August 2019 Competitor Aquatic Professional of the Month. The AOAP is a national organization that promotes aquatic safety, education, research, design and professional development in the field of aquatics. The Competitor Aquatic Professional of the Month award began in 2017 as a way to highlight an individual who has risen above the competition.

Gonzalez joined Naperville Park District staff in 2018 as aquatic manager, a role that includes managing Centennial Beach. Prior to her Naperville position, Gonzalez served as aquatic manager and risk manager at Park Ridge Park District. Throughout her 19-year career, she has been recognized multiple times for her leadership roles in state and national organizations such as the Illinois Park and Recreation Association (IPRA) and the National Park and Recreation Association National Aquatics Network. Earlier this year Jackie was honored with the Jim Berousek Distinguished Alumni Award from the Western Illinois Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration Alumni Association.

As the Aquatic Professional of the Month, Jackie Gonzalez’ biography is published here: https://aquaticpros.org/competitor-aoap-aquatic-professional-of-the-month/.  The biography mentions several of her accomplishments at Centennial Beach in 2019, which include a successful lifeguard recruitment plan, creation of a new shallow water guard position, a new, younger-age water polo team and a new paperless system for completing daily reports at the Beach.

“We’re extremely proud of Jackie’s accomplishments in the field of aquatics and in her role as aquatics manager for the Naperville Park District,” said Brad Wilson, director of recreation and facilities. “The recognition she’s received from several organizations, including the AOPA, is a reflection of the positive impact and leadership she continues to demonstrate in community aquatics.”